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Selena Gomez, changed me and my life. Throughout my life,I haven't seen such a perfect person! She sings well, is an excellent actress, and a terrific friend. Selena itself is very kind and responsive, I think... She has many friends and good friends in Hollywood, and this speaks really a lot about her! I believe that hating her is just silly.She likes each of her fans. And if you don't like it, with whom she is friendly or communicates, it's not your will specifying her what she should do or not do! She's just gorgeous, I love you Selena!❤

Dear Selena Gomez! We support you for a long time in all situations. You are for us all, like our queen, you're an inspiration! We want you to know that we will always be with you! Pay no attention to jealous people, because you're the best Selena! Thank you for you. I hope you see me some day a fan since 2006!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Selena Gomez & her Favorite Artists!

Selena Gomez counts Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift among her best friends. Her other friends in Hollywood well no need to tell them who they are.

When asked about her personal musical tastes in interviews, Selena Gomez is often vague, as she's apparently into just about everything "from classical to country music, indie, R&B, pop, hip hop, a real selection." 

But some artists are obviously dearer to her than others. The always composed singer has cited cartoonish singer-songwriter Katy Perry among her inspirations, and even turned to Perry for one of the songs on her album A Year Without Rain: "Rock God." and "Thats more Like it" in When the Sun Goes Down!

She explained to MTV, 

"I actually had to fight for that song. I wanted it so bad. It's kind of funky, and I think I used her style and we kind of mixed it up with the producers that I worked with with my style, so we made it a little bit more techno." 

Consider her a superfan. She also listed Adele as her favorite singer of the moment during an interview with Radio Disney, and says she's also listening to a lot of Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Mumford & Sons.

When it comes to her friends' work, Selena is open about her favorites. Check out this video of hers about Katy Perry!

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